Yesterday Was a LieYesterday Was a Lie


"Haunting and memorable... subtle and brilliant. The most thoughtful and compelling science fiction film of the year."
-Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author
"The stunning noir style of Sin City but with a hell of a lot more brains and class. A mesmerizing and sexy head trip."
-Jeff Bond, editor-in-chief, Geek Monthly
"James Kerwin offers up a magnetic force, not just for the questions posed that must be considered and argued over and analyzed according to ourselves, but also in Kipleigh Brown. Chase Masterson is astounding… from sultry chanteuse to haunting spirit. The performances are intertwined tightly with the expert cinematography by Jason Cochard, the evocative, moody jazz-infused score by Kristopher Carter, the costumes by Sara Curran, and atmospheric pr"oduction design by Jill Kerwin. There is brilliance here that demonstrates the best of what independent filmmakers strive to do."
-Rory L. Aronsky, Film Threat
"Fresh and stylish… a tale of intrigue and metaphysical darkness. Well worth seeing."
-Ain't It Cool News
"This ambitious film from writer/director Kerwin is a stunner, nothing less than the arrival of a major filmmaker. Masterson and Brown bring the sexy, even as their conversations conjure up some brain-busting ideas."
-Dennis Willis, KGO Radio / Flick Nation
"Conceptually ambitious, [with] stunning black-and-white cinematography, a sultry jazz score and a refreshingly high-minded script. Kerwin and Cochard arrive at the genuine HD equivalent of the classical Hollywood aesthetic."
-Peter Debruge, Variety
"Kudos to Kerwin for his script, which is ambitious and takes many risks, and for his direction, which is characteristic and dripping with style and starkness."
-John Soltes, Hollywood Soapbox
"Kerwin has created a superbly atmospheric, richly artistic work of indie cinema that one can revel in like a sumptuous indulgence. YESTERDAY WAS A LIE is painstakingly crafted, seemingly with the same loving care that David Lynch lavished on Eraserhead and with much the same stunning visual impact and cerebral engagement."
-Mark Wingfield, HK and Cult Film News
"Literally stunning. [The] perfect update of a classic genre. The 21st century is not entirely devoid of films that honor art."
-Matt Nelson, Unreal TV
"Challenging and special for being so very unique. YESTERDAY WAS A LIE is a true original… whetting your pallet for intrigue and mystery."
-David J. Moore, The Movie Elite
"Genius… beautifully orchestrated and sequenced. YESTERDAY WAS A LIE is the perfect antidote to today's neverending slew of Hollywood romantic comedies. Kerwin has done an excellent job in challenging viewers with a precise, intricate plot. The whole thing works because of the hard work of the small cast and the stunning visuals. Shot after shot is more beautiful than the last. Highly recommended for those who appreciate a good, dark portrayal of the human psyche. Be warned: it won't hold your hand."
-Lara Killian, PopMatters
"A cinematic masterpiece. One of the best films I have seen this year, if not this decade. Brown performs with grace and spirit… strong… feminine… sexy."
-Jessica Guerrasio, Just Press Play
"A cult favorite."
-Alonso Duralde, The Wrap
"Lustrous… literate… classic. Picture Philip K. Dick gone film noir."
-David Luhrssen, Shepherd Express
"The most complex and thought-engendering time travel movie in a long time. Dense and entertaining. Watch it more than once… it's worth the effort."
-Ray Sidman, Comics Buyer's Guide
"Kerwin has come up with an intriguing genre mash-up, and Cochard beautifully invokes the Hollywood noir of yore."
-Brian Reesman, The Aquarian
"Smashingly good. YESTERDAY WAS A LIE is a maelstrom which never quite seems to end, full of MacGuffins, baddies at every turn, death-defying derring-do, [and] snappy dialog. Visually delectable… kudos to sharp-as-a-tack DP Jason Cochard. An intelligent, perceptive cast bring their A-games: Chase Masterson and sultry Kipleigh Brown are extraordinarily drop-dead gorgeous women, and exceptionally gifted actors. James Kerwin is a brainiac of the highest order… [he] slices open the time-space continuum, getting his scintillatingly searing female leads to read the riot act to us. We believe we've just become privy to something which has evaded our senses for nearly all our corporeal-bound non-esoteric counter-spiritual lives. Several swoons and head scratches later, we emerge — along with Brown's Hoyle — somewhere on the other side. The worm hole is on major spin cycle, baby. Strap in… this is going to be a doozie."
-Adam Daniel Mezei, Film Courage
"A genuine treat that both entices and rewards on multiple levels. Worth watching simply for Brown and Masterson… these two together make seeking this movie out entirely worth it. Kerwin deserves much love and respect… Such a wonderful outing for a filmmaker that finally does take a risk in a landscape of directors who play it safe."
-Christopher Stipp, FRED Entertainment (formerly Movie Poop Shoot)
"Donnie Darko meets film noir, with a heavy dash of Lost, Kiss Me Deadly, and pretty much anything from David Lynch. A cult gem waiting to be found."
-R.L. Shaffer, IGN DVD
"YESTERDAY WAS A LIE offers distinct visual flair and no small amount of intrigue. Masterson's chemistry with Brown is really something special. The real star, though, may be writer/director Kerwin. Somewhere between a requiem to a lost love and a metaphysical poem, LIE is unquestionably the work of an auteur. Rarely do you come across such a modest production so balanced in heart, soul and mind, not to mention a sizable amount of style. YESTERDAY WAS A LIE absolutely delivers."
-Cal Kemp, Collider
"Smart, gutsy, and glamorous. The stunning visuals and accompanying jazz music take the film to a whole new level. Brown and Masterson are wonderful. Like no other noir or science fiction film ever made."
-Angela Schuch, SciFi Chick
"A brilliantly executed independent film. YESTERDAY WAS A LIE is a soulful and thought-provoking metaphysical journey."
-Tony Toscano, Talking Pictures
"Directly informed by Lauren Bacall, Brown also echoes such noir bombshells as Veronica Lake, Joan Bennett, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, and Barbara Stanwyck. Half the fun that comes from watching YESTERDAY WAS A LIE can be credited to Kerwin's willingness to experiment… Clearly an example of art for art's sake filmmaking."
-Gary Dretzka, Movie City News
"An impressive film that mixes sci-fi and noir on a level that rivals Dark City."
-Troy Anderson, AndersonVision
"Kerwin bravely mashes up genre conventions and styles to create his unique vision — imagine mixing The Big Sleep with The Matrix. Thoughtfully produced and long on visual style."
-Scott Weitz, FilmEdge
"Where else can you see an old school film noir mystery, an extremely strong female lead, and explorations of quantum mechanics and the human heart? That's a rare and unique combination indeed, and in the hands of a talented writer/director and a believable cast, it's all the stronger as a result. The visuals are sharp… the black-and-white palette adds an additional depth of character and clarity rarely brought out in films today. YESTERDAY WAS A LIE makes you think, and that's a very good thing… something we don't get in today's era of dumbed-down moviemaking. It's a shame big-budget movies aren't made like this."
-Bill Williams, TrekWeb
"One of the most intellectual and intriguing independent films in years. You'll get something out of this film each time you watch it — and I will be watching it again. The music, cinematography, lighting, character physicalities and performances all get mixed together beautifully. The digital picture has a perfect softness for black-and-white, and with how beautiful the lead ladies are, you end up appreciating the lack of color. The result is mesmerizing."
-Steve Kuehl, KSCO 1080 AM
"Very much worth watching by the SF fan looking for an interesting and challenging film experience. The actors [are] attractive and engaging, and the photography is outstanding."
-Tom Powers, Cinefantastique
"An independently produced gem… the film oozes with beautiful characters and fantastic performances by Brown and Masterson. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you get a copy, stat. I also suggest you keep an eye on Kerwin and this bunch. They mean trouble."
-Irma Arkus, Hi-Sci-Fi / CJSF 90.1 FM
"Stylish… sultry… stunning."
-Jim Carnes, The Sacramento Bee
"Take a cast with enviable experience, add it to the mysterious ambiance of film noir, then swirl it together with a visionary writer/director and you are bound to get one outstanding film. YESTERDAY WAS A LIE is akin to the impact of poetry on the human soul. It is a film to be savored… swirled around the palate like a fragrant glass of wine."
-Nathalie Taylor, The Village News
"A movie that's a lot deeper than any synopsis can accurately describe. It captures the noir style amazingly well and has an incredibly intellectual story to tell. Definitely worth picking up, [and] worth watching twice."
-C.S. Strowbridge, The Numbers
"A lush, moody neo-noir. Masterson melded her producer side with her actor side in a thoroughly effective way."
-Sarah Kuhn, Back Stage
"A movie of intelligence [and] imagination. YESTERDAY WAS A LIE has both festival acclaim and sci-fi street cred."
-Todd Gilchrist, Blastr
"Boy, was this worth the wait. Absolutely awesome camerawork… beautiful women… great soundtrack… fantastic production values. Quite an experience."
-Ian Cullen, SciFi Pulse
"A super-cool modern indie noir. Stylishly shot [with a] clever script… Definitely worth checking out."
-Wade Major, IGN Digigods
"Lost Highway meets X-Files. There's just something about a movie that's so different and mysteriously odd that I can't refuse. A remarkable score… beautifully strategic lighting that becomes its own character."
-Travis Keune, We Are Movie Geeks
"Moody… ultra-stylish… a twisty universe of mystery and metaphysics. Tops on the must-see list."
-Al Walentis, Reading Eagle
"I've seen this flick three times. And each time I see it, it gets better."
-Punk's Movies, KXRK 96.3 FM
"Very rarely does a film effectively combine contrasting genres with an engaging plot, all the while challenging the audience to think. An engaging and multi-dimensional viewing experience. It is incredible how much is jam packed into the 1.5 hour film, which leaves us begging for more at the end."
-Kayla Iacovino, Trek Movie
"Every shot is gorgeous. YESTERDAY WAS A LIE has everything."
-Christopher Wood, Weekly Volcano
"Masterson has an engaging screen presence. Beautifully produced… Easily one of the more rewarding genre films."
-Joe Bendel, The Epoch Times
"This unique, black-and-white neo-noir distaff thriller is a wonder to behold. Highly recommended."
-Bill Raker & David B. King, LEO Weekly
"Kerwin conveys his singular vision regarding the transcendental nature of love and regret. Newton brings a welcome gravity to his scenes with Brown. Masterson absolutely nails the part… seductive and secretive in equal measure."
-Rohit Rao, DVD Talk
"Stunningly shot… complexly plotted… a brave choice. The soundtrack is a total winner. Masterson delivers the goods whenever she's on screen; her voice is excellent."
-Marc Mason, Comics Waiting Room
"Clever and engaging… Beautifully shot and designed."
-Allen Gardner, DVD Playhouse
"A stunning ride through fog-filled alleys and moonlit city streets that will have you questioning reality at every turn. The look and feel [is] gorgeous… a series of moving works of art. Watch it at least twice."
-Subspace Communique
"Brown exudes Bacall. Boldly filmed in black and white, the Kristopher Carter musical score Kerwin deftly uses only adds to the surreal atmosphere."
-Samuel K. Sloan, Slice of SciFi
"Stylized… ambitious… stellar cinematography. Masterson strikes the right balance between femme and fatale."
-Paul Gaita, The Los Angeles Beat
"A profound, marvelously intertwined story. This is what indie films are all about."
-Jani Fleet, KSTU FOX 13
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